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I recently started using this thing and it's surprisingly good. I'm using a dex/faith build and this thing fits perfect. The WA hits around 800+ for me at 40 faith, plus its a weapon buff for a decent time. I wish the charged one handed R2 was a poke or slam instead of a swing, but that's a small critique.
Im pretty sure when get a kill with the weapon art (the lightning bolt) you get increased souls by 20% has anyone else seen this?
that is a mechanic called overkill, which means you are doing 150% of their health in damage and that gives you a boost to souls.
overkill huh I've been playing dark souls games for a while now and I've never seen it before cool. Thinking about that though that means a sorcery user can get the most souls if they use full soul farming gear and get a overkill with mendicats staff though which seems unfair now i wish this weapon or another melee weapon gave me more souls lol
I think taking no damage grants you extra souls. works for boss fights too.
anyone has a spare one on ps4? Gamertag: Rholeeck
If you can offer a spare Rose of Ariandel, Didn't realize what I wasted for my Faith build haha
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you can’t trade boss weapons dumbass
Surpringsingly for me not as good against Midir as I thought it would be. Even with the clutch ring.
WA is great against players trying to run around you for backstabs. You can switch the direction at where the lightning strikes as soon as your character does the lunging upward animation
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It should be noted that while it hits like a truck, that is the only compensation for its slow swing speed.
It still feels like a spear in terms of poise damage and hyper armor. Being a frequent user of the Grand Lance in DS2 i hoped for a weapon that does not flich when it hit a wall but this does sadly. And 1h R2 is the only animation that starts with a horizontal swing. Making it less"sword" than its name would suggest. It has a nice hit box though, with longer reach than most. Though no animation like Arstors spears WA that steps forward. The lightning has a much shorter range than the Dragon Slayer Spear but is alot easier to aim with. I like it alot though its a bit tricky to use. At least it feels somewhat meek for the weapon of choice of a war god.


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The best thing with this weapon is a Longsword. Cause this spear is slow...and the Longsword is fast. So you have a nice damage in both hands,and when you don't need the extra speed,you just use the spear. Its perfect.
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