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what happened if i choose shura ending will i get the fountainhead palace one on my box?
No, you will have to access Fountainhead.
I have 8 Gourd Seeds atm, but i have not been to Mibu Village or Fountainhead Palace yet!?
my bad, got it
I have 9 drinks in my healing gourd, but I haven't been to Fountainhead Palace, does this mean I could have 10 drinks in my healing gourd in a single playthrough?
no, you already begin with 1 use. this means you already collected 8 seeds, only one left being in fountainhead place
Yes. You start with one in the gourd and there are 9 seeds in the game.
I might have missed one but I swear my game glitched. I have 7 estus flasks right now (I prefer estus haha) but at one point I had 2 in my inventory and when I talked to Emma to upgrade my gourd it let me use one and then magically I didn't have another in my inventory. Either she did a double upgrade or upgrading your gourd removes the stack of seeds from your inventory for only 1 upgrade. Just a warning incase it's bugged occasionally.


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I'm the author if this reply I just forgot to log in lol
I totally ran right past the fourth one. After barely escaping the Nightjars on the roof I was so relieved to see the Idol that nothing else registered, felt foolish later.
there are 2 in sunken valley, just after the one mentioned above, near a lake in the snowy region by an igloo type thing with a rifleman enemy nearby
No that is a prayer bead.
Well ... Actually it's 10! I do not know where I got the tenth ... But it's 10 and not 9. My Save to proof.


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Well ... Actually it's 10! I do not know where I got the tenth ... But it's 10 and not 9. My Save to proof.
There is no 10th, you start with one when you get the gourd.
There are ten seeds. I have 9 before getting the stone incense ingredients.