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Random and odd thought about the helm(assuming anyone sees this) what if the helms slightly inward curve on the face plate is to represent the curve of a pair of breasts, further representing the feeling of embrace from the goddess of love
are you high?
Or it's there to deflect blows away from the face, as most every angled piece of armor is designed to do...
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@anon 2 below, uhhhh how exactly would that deflect blows away from the face?? If anything, the curve would cause FURTHER pain to the face
Didn't even realize this actually was replyed to
Someone get this to Vaati
Is it just me or this armor kinda looks like a straitjacket?
well arms around someone to restrain them is the same as hugging or to embrace
So true
gott love how this armor inspired the nidus phryke skin in warframe
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Damn, Lautrec didn't deserve armour this good-looking!