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I had trouble my first time fighting her back on the 360 (the only playthrough of DS I ever did), dying many many times but I think I've improved somewhat. My history is many playthroughs of Scholar and one of DS3. I'm playing on Switch at the moment, similar loadout as I had before: Two-Handed Gravelord Sword +1 and Power Within pyromancy. I tried to get Maneater Mildred's assistance but I got trounced by the Fire Spray attack. I noticed I was doing great damage anyway even with a summon so I tried my luck. My strategy was buff upon entry, run up and raised shield for the inevitable lava pool attack and two-hand the side and switch back before I run out completely of stamina. But the Gravelord Sword does beeeautiful damage. It's not a long fight this way. About maybe 4 attempts total in the span of 10 minutes. My successful attempt I had to play a bit of keep away to keep my health up. Scary but manageable.
it always breaks my heart killing her, she just wants to help her sister
Killing the Great Grey Wolf Sif was more heart breaking and made me feel so awful that I stopped playing for nearly 20 days.
"Just protecting her sister?" Not with a grin like that she doesn't... She visibly enjoyes killing intruders.
Is Quelaag a demon? I have a Dark Knight sword +5 and they do 20% percent more damage to demons. Does any one know?
Yes indeed, next time try reading
This boss gave all the neckbeards in this wiki some "ceaseless discharge"
You, fine individual, made my day. *T I P S F E D O R A*
Easy boss. Beat her on the first try with great soul and heavy soul arrows. Im level 59 though so idk if thats average for that level.
Not at all, She's one of the first bosses in the game how'd you get to level 59 by then? But yea easy boss if you're prepared but for a lot of melee combat you're stuck doing 50-60 damage a hit.
How on earth are you level 59 after blighttown? I'm just barely that level and I'm on my third lord soul
Ha that's funny this is my first play through and I killed her super easily and I am lvl 52..... I have a black knight sword with +5 doing 470 damage so I guess that helps we must be doing something right
Yeah, if you’re at level 59 it’s no surprise you’re not having any trouble. Grinding souls for hours makes everything easy.
I remember killing her first time through on PtDE, but going through Remastered and she's kicking my *** big time. Her AoE is absolute bull*****and she keeps spamming swipes like there's no tomorrow. Definitely recommend going for the NPC on this one, as it's a huge help tanking her.
Beat her immediately after posting this. Kept circling shield up right next to the spider's head during the swipes, which gave me a good view of the torso to know whether it was about to AoE. It was a matter of waiting for an opening after that.
You can dodge her AoE by fast-rolling twice directly away from her then walking when you see her start to charge it up
Fight was going great until i roll dodged a lunge attack and she took a 90 degree turn mid air bc ***** physics and hit me against the wall, staggering me into the lava 4 times before killing me rip
Jeez, im taking this fight on at sl 33 with 20 vit, but i went to the great hollow first and got cursed. I have no cure stones. I can't take this...
You can buy “Purging Stones” from “Oswald of Carim” for 3000 each (the guy with his arms wide open in the gargoyle be ll tower.
Or buy Purging Stones from the Undead Merchant (female) in the long tunnel that leads to undead burg from firelink shrine. It cost 3,000-6,000 souls I believe
Spider Mommy <3
I'm level 35 cleric. I considering farming two level to reach Black Knight Greatword to fight her. So much bull*****in this fight...
You're a cleric... Use Lightning Spear