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Quite simply the best early-game straight sword.
Best early choice of straight sword when you lack titinites. Able to frost most enemies in 4-5 hits
D/D scaling for STR/DEX yet STR scales noticeably better. Goddammit FROM and your arbitrary bs.
A lot of weapons soft scale a little better one way or the other, like when you upgrade/infuse and the letters turn blue or red to indicate improvement or reduction but the letter remains unchanged. In this case, once upgraded a couple time the STR scaling improves from D to C
Fromsoft apparently hates frostbite.
My personal favorite weapon of the game in terms of gameplay. No matter what build I make, i gradually gravitate back to this sword. Light weight, second highest damage for a straight sword, very high dps and fast swing, obtained early in game, and the frostbite is a very useful touch as well. The light weight makes it pair quite well with a great shield. If you're going with a straight sword, this is one of the best.
Not a bad sword at all! PvE-wise at least, ESPECIALLY if paired with a crossbow with exploding bolts as the bolts count as fire damage and reset the build-up after you get your damage. PvP-wise, you would need roughly 4-5 hits in immediate succession to proc Frostbite, which is just not reasonable to ask of anyone in a PvP fight.
This is like one of the best weapons in the game.



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disables the heavy attack button when paired with a grass crest shield :p but in all seriousness, i like this sword quite a lot, but i'm pretty sure everyone does.