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is this good?
It’s only good if you get flinched a lot by other online players. Otherwise it’s really not worth pursuing.
For Charged Sword and Greatsword users? I'd say it's almost mandatory. When it takes an entire season to swing your ultimate attack, you're going to want this.


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Its good for knock backs, it works well for the Kushala Daora fight; it stopes you from getting blasted back by wind thrusts
Supposedly this effect stops allies from interrupting your combos with their melee spam.
I would always take 1 level of this in any of my sets when im using a melee weapon. It helps when your combos wont be interrupted from friendly fire
define "small damage" and can you reduce hits from big monsters into this "small" range? :b
Seems to have a pretty negligible effect vs. monsters. It may be beneficial to avoid getting knocked around by other players, but it seems the attacks of especially heavier weapons (the kind you really don't want interrupted) have natural flinch resistance anyways. I at least know I've never noticed any difference.
So what level with counter kushalas winds? It said on the wiki windproof doesn't work and to use this instead