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Things *****ing bull*****to fight.
Teostra is not aggressive, it is docile until attacked
I had someone join in about 30-45 seconds or so before the end and got the damage card. I did 8102 damage that fight, just as a note i think he has about 8k hp solo.
i'm not sure about the health cause if that's true it would take from 63 to 87 (over a hundred damage) hits to kill it.
in the words of cotton of ragegamingvideos "looks like a demon griffin." i would prefer one than the arch tempered fight with teostra.
More of a manticore
honestly i hate this guy alot less than the wind elder dragon only because i deal good damage with holy sabers and alot of equipment have good fire res. his big charge into explosion is insane though its usually dodgeable sometimes you can get stunned for the entire charge duration if ur dumb like me and took no stun res
Praise the Kitty
Teostra and Vaal Hazak aren't that hard, afer taking like 10 L's from nergi i felt***** so went on to do some multiplayer and fought them like 3 times, but i had god mode teammates. Then i went on to solo first try because i'm Kirito-sama the almighty
The easiest boss so far for me, not sure what problems do yo uguys have. Fireproof mantle and just stay right in front of his head, super easy. His nova deals super low damadge as wll, and its easy t dodge... i mean i guess can be hard with no food but lol....
way to easy