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when she puts her blade away you should attack her instead of running away, she will lose balance and you can even land a free hit
Me: Reads this comment My brain: Thinks, I shouldn’t cheese thi- Me: already doing it and, slaughtering that silly goose
This is so unfair. How am I supposed to kill this boss while I have these tears in my eyes?
remind yourself that Emma is Isshin’s mistress and the two of them have done more dirty things to each other than everything on pronhub combined.
So she's kept a lonely old man happy. Now I should want to kill her more?
That moment when you go for the "All boss" trophy and watch Emma get a deathblow from you. Close the game right there and now, become sad. Lay on your bed and think about your life choices and why you do them, then in the dark read the wiki about Emma. Feeling empty. You got gud in Sekiro but you'll never git gud with your feelings. 10/10 FromSoftware.
That’s why we do the Shura Ending then save the return ending for last so we can forget shura ever happened.
If you think of the Shura path as Sekiro having a bad dream while he was near death, it makes more sense. Considering how short this path is compared to the others, there’s no way it’s canonical


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Spiral Spear Cheese She can be easily defeated using only spiral spear, you will use somewhere around 13 emblems, but you will save all your healing items for the upcoming battle, Simply Run around Her and poke her, it seems she gets double the damage if you hit Her just before she attacks, so you will want to aim for those moments to hit her with spear, keep your distance run around and hit her, it's just that simple. But remember, hit Her with the Basic thrust, dont try to do any charged rush with spear or pull Her. If someone could put it in The strategy section it would be nice :)
It’s better to save your spirit emblems to stun the next boss, which is more difficult than Emma. Emma can be easily posture broken through continuous attacking and deflecting.
Tears?! What?! It's the most annoying boss in the game!! The Saint was a joke!!! I would kill her in real life!!! The *****!!!
Oh screw off, she's a fun boss. Sword Saint too. (And yes, I'm the guy who made the "tears in my eyes" comment.)
柔剑 should be better translated into soft or flexible blade, suits her style better
Emma, the Gentle Blade is a far more elegant translation than any of those.
Staying aggressive and continuously attacking her is the most important thing. Obviously this concept applies to pretty much every boss in the game, but especially so with her. She has an extremely fast forward dash attack that can catch you off-guard if you try to distance yourself, she doesn't have overly complex or fast counterattacks when she deflects you, and as long as you go toe-to-toe with her, you'll be able to react to her Ashina Cross attack and just hit her out of it instead of dodging away. Also, when you see her pose with her sword over her head she's going to do a four-hit combo. Parrying the last hit will allow you to throw her off balance and give you a free thrust attack, but even if you fail the last deflect and she throws you off balance, just immediately face the other direction and charge up a thrust attack. She will always follow up her four-hit chain with her Ashina Cross, and you'll have plenty of time to intercept it.
How does Sekiro knows she is skilled with the sword? He never saw her wielding a blade in my first playthrough.
Just my assumption, but through her hands. Just by looking at your hands, an experienced sword fighter can tell if you are a sword fighter yourself and the extent of your skill.
OP here. Well... It's a logic answer but I'm more inclined to think they just left some dialog related to a cut content. Gonna look for data miners to see if they found anything on that. My brother told me the Sculptor tells us that she is particularly skilled with the sword, but I don't remember this particular line nor does it make sense for Sekiro to sound so impressed with her skills if he only heard of them. I don't even know if the sculptor tells us that. My brother himself sounded uncertain if he actually saw it or if he imagined it.
If you share a drink with her, she talks to you about it
Nah, you can't tell sword skill by looking at someone's hands, especially if she's not even holding one. Wolf can't even recognize Isshin Ashina's unique skill level, even with a sword in his hand, if Isshin has a mask on. Besides, sword skill has so many factors you can't tell from people's hands, like their actual coordination and precision with their sword, or how fast they are, or how good their stances and footwork are, or what they know about tactics, or how resolute they are when facing serious competition or possible death, and on and on. There's so much you can't tell, the hands give you almost nothing.
After deflecting her long combo, do a double ichimonji, then deflect again right after. One of the two ichimonji hits is guaranteed to do damage, both deal posture damage, and most importantly, both hits lower your posture gauge by a generous amount.
You can cheap your way out of this fight very easy, she's powerless against the floating passage technique. Also vs mortal draw (but you'll kinda need the spirit emblems for the next phases).