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Recommended Levels: I think the recommended levels are kind of weird. For example for Road of Sacrifices it's 30-45, but for Farron Keep and Cathedral of the Deep, which are both just accessible after doing (part of) Road of Sacrifices it's just 30-45. Same with Lothric Castle and Grand Archives. Anyway, Farron Keep and Cathedral of the Deep are much harder than Road of Sacrifices and Grand Archives is much harder than Lothric Castle. So, also from this point of view, it's strange.
Not really as you are unlikely to be able to go up 15 levels on the Road of Sacrifices so chances are you'll hit Farron or the Cathedral of the Deep whilst still in that 15 level bracket.
why won't this work
I'm playing on PC, and I haven't had an NPC invasions since the very first one. I've been embered most the game, didn't ALWAYS kill the boss first, just once, yet nothing. Anyone had this problem, bug, because I don't get...
I would highly recommend someone try all different kinds of gestures on the dead mushrooms? This guide doesn't mention an NPC that is right behind you as soon as you enter the world. In the cave, before the bonfire, there is a guy resting on the mushrooms, and he seems to serve no purpose other than telling you to go find a bed of your own. Most likely a secret?
Hi, I was also the post below. Let me clarify, the guide mentions the NPC's dialogue, but I can't find him on the NPC list and he seems important.
i like how the crabs on the map are labled they look funny but man they some A HOLES
You can say the game has crabs... I thought this would be funny. But it wasn’t, it really wasn’t.
Noob question
im trying to read mess on the floor in the begining and cant read it my char moves then i press A
been trying to change button for the left move no joy tryed the button for use and still no joy=(
ps only played for minits
wow helped me '0'
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