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I never found a better punisher for backstab fishers in DS. With this weapon if you master free aim, you WANT to show your back to them - only to flip around and stunlock them to death pronto. It will kill most of them in short order if they don't toggle escape. If they do toggle escape - well, they still got lit up - in your black iron armor and grass crest shield, you will have to be unpredictable and you'll have more margin for error. Just stay out of parry range and be unpredictable. Leo ring will one shot folks if you roll stab with a counter. A warpick was my preferred swap out if someone got too close - again, with the leo ring, the thrust damage is evil.
You only need 19 strength to two hand the weapon
Divine Greatsword+5 == Easy Mode Catacombs
That thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough, it was more like a large hunk of iron.
Though to be fair, that became more the case in DS2 onward, which went whole hog with the Dragonslayer look, whereas this one looks more like the sword Guts used prior to the Eclipse.
Honestly, the fact that this weapon, called the Greatsword, is classified as an Ultra Greatsword when there is actually a weapon type called Greatsword makes me irrationally upset
Slightly better than the zweihander, surprised I don't see it as much in the remaster. Same swing speed and virtually the same moveset, but with slightly more range for slightly more stamina and weight.
I have play with this weapon in DS2 and DS3 but as I'm replaying the first one I'm a bit surprised by how small it is.
Just got this from the Berenike Knight up top Sens.