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Do these runes affect blood echoes gained for cooperators that are summoned to your world??
The location portion of this page should be rewritten, or deleted entirely because at this point in time it's terribly unclear, and pretty much impossible to follow. Compare this to the actual walkthrough which could actually just have been copy&pasted (no brainer?) into the section instead of whatever you call that.
By equipping all three Moon runes, completing a full offering Depth 5 chalice dungeon will net you roughly 1.5-2 million echoes after killing every enemy and boss. I never equip any other runes, in fact. It’s OP or no-P.
I must suck at using calculators, because I CAN'T DO IT
1.1 x 1.2 x 1.3
Just fyi, the rats before the beast claws drop about 2000 each BEFORE equiping all three runes. Combined with the hunter in the back, you get close to 50000 each run. Happy hunting
Since nobody posted the actual amount you're blood echoes increase after all 3 runes were stacked, it's 1.716. or 171.6%. Killing the female beasts in room 1 gives you CRAZY blood echoes, managed to get my arcane to 70 before changing to the blood moon phase.
*room 1 of the Ailing Loran Chalice
How many tho?
What are the female beasts?
Trivia: trivia goes here
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There's a fourth moon rune if you keep making contact with the brain for a half hour or so after getting the third one. I just left my ps4 on, went to make dinner, and came back and it was there.