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Shouldn't this last longer? By the time the animation is over (literally) the defense boost has already fallen greatly.
Plenty of time, do two R1's or one R2 and roll away or activate Perseverance again.
If it lasted longer it would be ridiculously OP. Maximizing the use of this WA requires a little skill, which is a good thing.


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After nearly a year and two dlcs, I think it's generally agreed upon that this is the best WA in the game.

I mean, you basically become a Dark Souls 1 character for a few seconds. Combine that with the fact most of the weapons with this WA skill benefit from high STR...which also grants higher defense bonuses per level, and further combine that with sturdy to heavier armor and a game that's as trade-centric as this game is, that's big.

The maces like Morning Star and Mace, as well as of course the Black Knight Greatsword benefit from this WA particularly well because of their great damage and solid movesets to capitalize on; but it's just a damn good option for anything that has it. It's good for PvE, and so much of the current PvP is about trades and blugeoning through crap that it particularly stands out right now.

For anyone struggling against weapons with this, there are three options: Either keep your distance and only swing once per opportunity so that they cannot punish (will be a little more difficult with slower weapons), predict them using the weapon art while at close range and quickly run around for a backstab, or predict an R1 after the weapon art and parry it (unless its an unparryable attack).
Is it possible to pancake someone or to launch him into space while this WA is active?
Perseverance increases poise and defense while active. You would need to land a charged heavy attack with something like Smough's Hammer to pancake, or Stomp to launch.
So they will still skyrocket with LKGS WA

Thats great

Thanks for the reply
No, don't listen to that guy. Perseverance CAN NOT be interrupted. Not even a fully charged R2 from an Ultra can interrupt it. Not even Force.
This weapon art can not be interrupted in any kind of way.
It can be interrupted, I just got sent to mars testing this. Don't let this idiot fool you.
lol no it can't be interrupted. if you got launched in the air that means the buff has stopped working
Can you wear light armor and still be unstopable with this WA?
Y E S!
You can be naked and still be able to poise through attacks. It would hurt a***** ton though
Lol doesn't bother me.. one of my characters is completely naked minus a loin cloth ... It's all in the rings u have on
Considering how defense works, wearing armor is important. It just doesn't need to be heavy armor.
Poise...dat you???
*poises through attack*

Does using a weapon this weapon art get rid of buffs applied to the weapon ?
Does using this weapon art *
Full Cathedral Set + Perseverance, and the Black Knights in Untended Graves still stagger me with their 2nd attack. What is this heresy?!
They attack so slow that by the 2nd attack perseverance has run out.
black knight's weapons deal more poise dmg than other weapons