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people complain(ed) that both this and the boom hammer have underwhelming movesets. but when used as sidearms that can actually be a very great boon. weapons like HMS and the wheel have fancy movesets that (if you’re a dummy like me, at least) can be difficult to keep in your head while in combat. having a more straightforward weapon that you can switch to without mentally “shifting gears” to another complex moveset is great. does suck that we never got the true electrified morning star flail, but I still love the tonitrus. never leave the dream without it tbh.


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Idk what's up with the "due to his fascination with Darkbeasts this weapon may have just been to replicate their sparks" BS. Wtf you mean "may have been"? The spark hunter badhe outright states he spent his life trying to replicate the sparks of a darkbeast artificially. Ofc his ONLY trick weapon was an attempt to replicate darkbeast sparks. It wasnt for purification or cleansing, that's fire. Learn your***** before you edit a wiki.