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Honestly this is my favorite monster to fight.
Been strugling too much to get a thunder sac. Ive been killing almost 10 times already (high rank) and still need one more.
Try capturing it alive
this guy's element is thunder and is weak to water?! My pokemon logic doesn't work in this game I see
Well it’s the same basis water and electricity DO NOT GO TOGETHER
Empreror Palpatine's pet lizard
Nope that would be Kirin!
Kirin's a unicorn, dumbass (and I mean based off of one).
Where's the lance??
i cannot find this guy for the life of. me after i did his quest
You can't say he if you don't know it's gender. Cause it could be female because NOT ALL MONSTERS ARE MALES!!! (DUMBASS)
They're just referring to the monster with "he". Calm the hell down, stupid feminist.
and the ability to speak doesn't make you intelligent. also, you liked that yourself
Nobody gives a***** *****
Shh baby byaby
I can't be the only one with a vague desire to cuddle this super fluffy guy, right?
Looks like something a Holly would own