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why is this classified as a dagger
I got this as a first drop from the knight in the chapel. Playing as a pyromancer strength build tho and leveled strength to 20 (I know, stupid) already bc I can't get past the gargoyle yet. Worth it to switch to dex build for it?
If youre planning on going to a super high level like 130 then maybe because after 40 dex its not worth it to put in any more into dex itll do more damage with str
Trying a new thing on my current run. Should I make this into a chaos weapon or just keep it as is for dex scaling since I'm a high dex caster build?
think of it like this, if you put lightning or fire/chaos on it itll have zero scaling so if you have any more than 10 str and 14 dex itll be basically useless because itll do just as much damage with 40 dex as it would with 14 dex, but if you already have a good amount of int and dex it might be worth it to put magic or even enchanted on it depending on how much dex you already have and how much int you want i recommend using a website called mugenmonkey to plan your character and see what you can and cant do and how much damage your weapons would do with what
Should I use this for my sorcerer and if so which infusion?
Kind of depends on what you're going for in terms of a build. If don't plan to use any buffs like crystal magic weapon or resins, I would definitely go for enchanted +5 (that A scaling in int is real spicy). But if you want to buff it, I would say just do regular +15. Also if you have high dex, a +15 gets an A scaling in that, so that's something to consider as well.
This thing only works as a dexterity weapon. Trying to infuse it will generally lead to a vast decrease in damage. Better to keep it normal and buff it with a spell if you don't want to make a full DeX build.
This sword accelerated the sword arms race. Oh, you wanna R1 spam? HOW ABOUT R2 SPAM!? PRAISE THE SUN \[T]/ (AIRHORN)
I'm surprised it's not required for the Knight's Honor achi. Guess FromSoft has a heart, after all.