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Purchased from Orbeck of Carim after giving him the Golden Scroll.
Vinheim, not Carim.
Please. That message has kept me unable to fall in sleep for three years now. Every night I think of it and it deeply scarred me.
Ah yes, the legendary Orbeck of Carim
If the description can be taken at face value, this means we do not need to pay to repair broken equipment, we would just need to put it on and cast this, sadly I am going to assume due to balance reasons that this is not the case.
it has some uses, not tested but it should repair items that still consume durability rather than FP, so as an example the Moonlight Greatsword; this uses 4 durability per cast out of it's 75 which isn't much however if looking to spam casting this attack as your main damage, this could be a nice way to top up while only using 20 fp, much more cost effective than casting spells ongoing. thought to be fair I have no idea on how much damage the moonlight greatsword special attack deals or if there's any other weapons
that are built the same

the sadness is that weapons basically never break anyway.
Extended trips without resting at a bonfire such as being summoned multiple times is the only time other then Acid Surge that this spell could come into play.
Like using the Moonlight Greatsword? This will let you do so without feeling bad or using repair powders
100%, this should essentially make the ability spammable and for a low cost of fp
Is it really a thing ? Or is it just because I'm a pure sorcerer that my stuff never breaks ? (By that I mean since I'm rarely in melee combat)
Can depend on your weapon.

My thief build that primarily uses a dagger had problems early on with his dagger durability getting low since I had to hit enemies with it more times than I would with a sword. My sellsword twinblade build also has the occasional problem with weapon durability if I've been fighting stuff for a long stretch without a bonfire.

Other than that, it's useful with weapons like the moonlight greatsword, which can use a special attack by sacrificing some durability. The repair spell would basically allow you to use that ability many more times without relying on consumable repair powder.

But it's definitely a very niche thing. If DS3 had the DS2 durability bug this spell might be more universally useful, but durability tends not to factor into many things in the current state of the game.
Something interesting that I have never seen anyone mention about this spell is "Light is time". This seems to go along with not only the description from ds2, but also the strange time travel related to Oolacile. You could therefore take this to mean that the dark operates outside of the rules of time, where we have strange effects like Manus being able to rip us from the far future to his time, or the weirdness of Untended Graves.
I know, it's strange why nobody pays more attention to this lorebomb. Especially when Gwyn himself was known as Lord of Light and could possibly entail significant lore implications- like how time is convoluted in Lothric because the flame is fading, causing its light to flicker and affect time around the world.
So the light of the spell doesn't repair anything, but just sends them back in time to before they broke? That's pretty cool actually.


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Useless except Frayed blade, Washing pole or whatever have low (below 20) Durability
Does it work on broken straight sword?
Yes, but wouldn’t you want the amazing weapon known as Broken Broken Straight Sword?!?
Third DLC leak?
Very useful for using when you're using the Moonlight Greatsword
Best tool against annoying cheaters, if these *****s instant kill you and break everything all you need to do is use this spell once and everything is back to normal...