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Can anyone tell me how to be able to cast pyromancy spells?
With pyromancy flame
RB on xbox .
If you didn't choose the pyromancer starting class, you need to rescue Laurentius from a room full of barrels in the Depths. When you return to Firelink, he'll be there and he'll give you the pyromancy flame, as well as sell pyromanies and upgrade your flame.
If I max out my pyro flame will I get the strongest weapon achievement?
i would assume so
It is only based on a regular weapon. The pyromancy flame is considered as a flame
Would the White Hair Talisman count as a catalyst since it is able to use both miracles and pyromancies?
This is dark souls 1, not 3.
goddamit i killed the egg guy on my pyromacy characters rip me
well you only lose out on getting toxic mist pyromancy and an additional poison mist pyromancy. also free egghead cures but who gets egg parasite'd anyway unless ofcourse intentional. not much lost.
Hot spicy meat -pyromancer
Is this best for a Pyro Strength build and or a combo of all 3 Pyro+Str+Dex+Int+Fth? As a Mega Powerhouse against bosses and I know there's some bosses that are immune to Pyro, trying to come up with a kickass build with my Pyromancer character. Also trying to kill both bosses in Anor Londo namely the fat boss and the boss with the spear that moves fast and is always on my *** when I am trying to kill the fat boss 1st, if there's any advice I welcome it and thank you. I know I am also trying to collect all Pyromancies and Sorceries spells to unlock the trophies for these and for faith spells trophy as well.
Pyro works well with any build since it's doesn't scale with any stat other than the level of your pyro hand (in DS1 anyway). If you are doing Pyro then INT and FTH are not really worth it unless you really want the spells from those kinds of magic. 15 INT can be nice so you can talk to Big Hat Logan early but it's not needed to get all of the spells. The only issue you could possibly have is getting into the warriors of sunlight for lighting spear, great lighting spear, and sunlight spear as you need 25 FTH to join (that requirement is lowered by 5 every time you are summoned and successfully beat the boss with them). For the fat one and spear one, try sprinting away for the most part (not locked on) and keep a pillar between you and spear guy as much as possible. That should help stop the charge attacks. Once you're in a good position you can start casting a spell then lock on to your target before you throw it.
When it xomes to pyromancy dex is the only stat that matters because it increases casting speed
Wrong. The ascended flame +5 has A scaling in Int
Wrong. The Int. scaling only effects punching power of pyromancy flame, not spell power.
Is there a set/armor which increases Pyro-Damage in any way? (despite Dusk Crown)?
Bellowing dragoncrest ring bought from griggs of venheim for 20,000 souls.
You should wear the Demon Firesage set or the Ceasless Discharge set oh wait those don't exist
Pyromancy damage doesn't scale with any stat, however it does benefit from the casting speed increase of dexterity. At the casting speed cap of45 dexterity your casting speed will be roughly 15% faster (spell dependant) this means it synergizes well with high dexterity builds. Good weapon choices include the Balder Side Sword, any curved sword (My favorite is the gold tracer, the gold streaks make it look like it's on fire), Life Hunt Scythe and Great Scythe, Katanas, and sometimes spears. However, from a pvp perspective, pyromancies don't have a lot going for them. Mostly I stick to Black Flame for guard and poise breaking, as it's a very fast casting short range spell that does Ultra great sword damage. The spells that summon pillars can be used to bait someone at a distance into running in for a backstab, only to get caught up in the storm. And any spell with "Chaos" in it's name leaves little puddles if lava that are okay at catching people rolling towards you or turtling behind a shield off guard. But you know, if you're going for a dexterity build, the flame weighs nothing and you can get a few attunement slots on any starting class for 3-5 points. So why not?