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Hmm, I can waste away my life trying to get summoned or lose my sanity trying to farm these from the Silver knights. I now understand why people use Cheat Engine.
it's a matter of principle. I farmed the knights, didnt take THAT long. Maybe five hours. I guess that's kinda long but I got immense amounts of souls as well and I was getting summoned into other covenants while farming. Cheating is cheating. It's hard to get because it's hard to get... I don't understand people like you. You want every item to be easily available to everyone? What's the fun in that? A couple of very rare items add to the game. You're just a cheater if you use cheat engine to get them, though I don't care as long as its not consumambles...
I farmed it for two months :)
Stop killing Yorshka you monsters
What damge type, i assume magic ia this true?
Dammit, accidentally sold this. any way to get it back?
Ng+ lvl the cov again
I don't think it worked, delivered 30+ concords already