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Why does this build have such low Dex? The SCT must suck, no wonder you tell people to get the heater shield.
+15 longsword does 414 damage at 50 strength and dexterity but +15 claymore does only 257?! Is this right?
No. I guess stats for longsword listed with scaling and Claymore shows only base weapon damage.
I think the stats are off for the Sunlight Straight Sword; Divine Darksword does more damage than Divine SSS even though the pages of each says they should be identical.
Why is there 30 in faith intelligence builds don't use faith
If you view it on mobile, flip your phone horizontally. It becomes missaligned when viewed vertically.
- chaos weapons do not scale with humanity - additional humanity is counted as a soul level up, skewing both souls for next level up and total soul cost - pyromancies not available in spell selection - ascended pyromancy flame not listed as a seperate weapon or an upgrade - catalysts do not show base magic adjust - havel's ring, ring of favour and protection, and mask of the father do not affect max equip load - tiny being's ring, ring of favour and protection, and mask of the mother do not affect max hp - ring of favour and protection is listed twice, once with normal effects and once with the effects of calamity ring - calamity ring is listed as having the effect of a tiny being's ring, and also doesn't alter max hp - bite rings do not affect their respective stats - left hand weapon damage is not displayed under stats - some weapons are missing from weapon list just thought i'd compile a few of the more major things people have seen in 1 comment
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Shields also have no weight
this is useful
a spell is missing (acid surge)
incorrectly did my poise
no pyromancy?
Acording the sorcerer s guide, int should be at 24, why is on 8 and faith all the way up?