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Article says to stock them for NG+ but you can still buy them from merchants (i.e. the tally board does transfer to NG+, where coins are more plentiful than ever, especially if you've gotten most of your prosthetic upgrades already.) I advise not to worry about buying them for NG+ until you need them, at which point you can just get them from the peddler or the battlefield memorial mob.
What merchants sell them?
Can you use snap seeds and malcontent to stun the ghost monk six times?
That'd be great, but the Corrupted Monk is an illusion, not a ghost.
Before fighting Lady Butterfly, my friend used the snap seed, then went back to the shrine and it saved. Is there any way to get more seed??
Not until much later. For now run around until they turn into butterflies. Then hide behind a pillar until they’re gone.
No, it's a near-broken aspect of the snap seed that you cannot access it readily until it is no longer uesful. BUT you really don't need them. Whenever Lady Butterfly summons her illusions, start running away, ideally by sprinting around the arena walls. As you run, stop occasionally and try to lure some of them into a corner. When the illusions start turning into flaming butterflies, position yourself behind a pillar so that it blocks them. If you angle it right, the pillar can protect you from the fireballs. If they illusions are spread too far out, some may come at you around the side of the pillar; if this happens, do your best to block the few that get through. You may also be able to run and dodge all of the fireballs, but the pillar worked better for me.


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Just go get the one in the Ravine where you have the first snek encounter, if you’ve gotten to the point yet, of course
Why does Sekiro need this? Can't he just..clap? Yell? anything loud?
I thought the firecracker prosthetic would work, too, since the description says the sound is the only special thing. Kind of weird FROM would put that hint in, but not use it.
Are the seeds reusable or just a 1 time consumable