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In the same room you fight him there are 3 ghostly children that say they were hurt be him... I was so enraged... I know it's a video game but even on my evil char I don't mess with children. I was never more satisfied to consume someones soul...
You know what's more messed up? You find panties in the chest by his bed.
fking idiot
This comment is gold
As sebille your calm reactions drive him nuts
Four actually, so more hate for him
If you spare the Eternal his life (the eternal you encounter with Mordus his quest) and let him feed on people, he will eventually eat a child! Wtf xD
There's 4. 2 little girls, 2 little boys.
The part with the kids definitely struck a nerve. Few moments in a game like this that can make you really feel something.
the only natural living being I source purged
exactly! same here! I don't even source purge evil ghosts but when I saw the children it struck me. feasted on his source without hesitation.
I didn't talk to the kid before the fight and wondered why she thanked me, found the panties in his chest..
Absorbing his Source (out of dialogue) with my Fane gave him the Villain tag, even though he already had a Hero tag. Don't remember what other evil things I did with him, but I can't see why absorbing this specific soul would result in this.