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It's pretty much serpico's sylph sword in Berserk, no ? I mean, similar design, similar properties. Seriously, don't you people think there's at least some similarity ?
Pretty much everything is inspired by Berserk :P
Excluding Drakeblood GS (since it was just made in the name of Dragons) it's the only weapon in the game that is actually related to dragons somehow.
Meanwhile DkS2 had at least 2 and both were great swords. Not counting the weapons of those guys in golden dragon armor.
Interestingly enough - the Dragon's Great Curved Sword from DkS2 actually has a similiar weapon art - only instead of a combo it would just strike the ground with 3 lines of powerful air-wave that would knockback enemies much similiar to this one.
Basically: same weapon, lesser scale, different approach to sending your enemies flying.
only dragon-related weapon? is tailbone short sword not?
Dragon tooth is just a tooth and tail bone is rotten, not Dragon weapons
*cough* Dragon Tooth *cough*
Technically the moonlight great sword is a dragon weapon. And I don't think the tailbone should be discounted just because it's "rotten." It's basically the Drake sword from ds1, but weakened over time.
this has such a cool moveset/art and is beautifully designed, I dunno people keep *****ing for a debuff/nerf, this thing deserves better damage or scaling. As is, if you die against this weapon you definitely deserve it..
I kill plenty of people with it. I don't think it's that bad. Nowhere near as good as Carthus Curved Sword or the new Follower Sabre but it does decent enough damage. Been having a ton of success with it in the arena. Although, if I used some of the other better weapons in this class I would probably win even more often but I am happy with the Storm curved Sword.

Wouldn't say no to a small buff though.
I wonder if it works on Yhorm.
Although that would be a cool extra feature
It doesn't do any extra damage to Yhorm.
1] The reach seems to be logner when using it one-handed. I'm not sure, but it feels this way. I felt that while i was fighting Havel and Horace. Hell, i think i had just as much range as Havel's Dragon Tooth because i could punish his R1s by making a step forward and just hitting him. With Horace it felt especially obvious since i could hit him from the same range as his Halberd.
2] The weapon art attacks seem to have increased power against poise and hyper armor. A good way to test it is to use it on Darkwraiths: those guys have plenty of poise and usually do not get staggered easily, however once you start the weapon art - the very first hit staggers them as well as the ones that follow. It doesn't knock them back, but it still prevents them from hitting you back mid-combo. However that wasn't the case with Black Knights, but i believe those guys are simply unstaggerable. I don't know how true that might be in the PvP... Maybe yes, maybe not.

Also is there still any way to chain the combo after a normal attack? Ever since they patched that infinite combo it seems that you can't do weapon art after a normal attack, the target will un-stagger faster. Maybe except for the 2nd R2.
An absolutely beautiful weapon (the icon does not do it justice, you need to see it up close in game to truly appreciate it) that is tragically outclassed by the Carthus Curved Sword. The higher base damage, bleed aux, and buffability of the Carthus makes it undeniably better. You can't even Resin this thing.

The only thing that this has going for it is the gorgeous model and unique weapon art.
It's Gwyn's first born.
I'm really trying to like this weapon but i just can't. All the good things it has about it get completely diminished by it's downside: terrible AR.

All good fast weapons (Including Dark Sword, Lothric Straight Sword, CCS, Follower's Saber) at quality build of 40/40 have AR somewhere between 410 and 440.
At the current meta levels of SL120 which average flat damage reduction being somewhere between 140-160 that means somewhere between 250 (worst case) to 290 (best case) damage per hit.
While the poor Storm Sword deals only 370-375 at 40/40 which translates to damage between 190 (worst case) and 230 (best case).

That's just garbage. That's literally a good 20-30% damage difference. And Storm Sword has no redeeming qualities to it. No increased crit damage, no special unique effects. Only fashion and mediocre weapon art that is:
A) Has no hyperarmor.
B) Extremely hard to land (landing an R2 hit with increased stagger almost guarantees a successful weapon art, but then again what idiot will get caught by R2?)
C) The knockback has no practical use in duels. Nor it does in 90% of situations. Gives you time to chug that estus, at best. Not to mention it's useless against enemies with good poise.

I wish Frommy would buff the poor thing. Or nerf everything else to make it on-par with it. Whatever drives their boat...
try to use it on a dex build
nah that's too smart of an idea
This is out of date. Meta is now 125, the top curved swords will only do 20-30 mor AR the. This weapon now
This weapons damage is bad for a quality build, but on a dex build it really becomes good. I am using it on my 18/40 (str/dex) dex pyro for 340 total damage (30 damage lower than a40/40 quality would get from it). Although other curved swords can be buffed for increased damage, there are cases where buffing your weapon might not be possible (in the heat of 6 player brawls it might not be possible to buff your weapon). It has good range and reasonable damage, but can be outclassed by some other curved swords based on your build preferences. For me the charm of it is the weapon art which cannot be parried (although many other curved swords share this quality this one has "cool looks" factor :P ).
Lighter armor + Flynn ring can get AR to a decent level of around 400. Considering the speed and range of attacks this sword does not need much more. It easily catches rolls and succesful combo like R1-R1-R2-L2-R2 or similar can obliterate most of players. Weapon art knockback is also very useful if you are not too honorable: just start a combo before opponent gets up and in most cases at least one hit will land. So despite low AR this sword is great for PvP at least. If this thing had hyperarmor on any of its attacks it would become worse than any current op weapon (for example most straight swords have it on L2-R2 Stance which basically means guaranteed loss against anyone able to utilize it correctly).
If people say this weapon needs a nerf then why does the dmg suck
The pain train of it's chained attacks
Now people are crying about this sword miyazaki did not intended for this