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just asking,I joined rosaria's fingers and i give her a pale tongue,does that mean i have to open a new save in order to do sirris's quest or do i just head straight to NG+ ?
Nothing you do now will effect ng+, so this run is ruined but if you start a ng or create a new character you will be fine
Finished quest easily by just avoiding Rosaria altogether
Makes sense
Best DS3 waifu UwU
excuse you, dragon-girl waifu disagrees
Excuse you, Karla is best waifu
Excuse you, Irina is best waifu
She is certainly a contender. I have a thing for friede tbh
I can use Absolution from Velka to remove aggro from she?
Yeas. Always. With every character
I joined rosaria and gave her the tongue and still finished sirrissss quest.. thought you couldn't do that??
Her questline won't fail if you accepted her loyalty first
I finished her questline but never got her ring and sword even though i talked to her everytime when she was at the shrine and she went through all her dialog...i got everything else from the quest but not the first rewards
Same here. After all I killed her an then get these things..
I just killed captain Yorshka and Sirris quest didn't fail. I was at the stage where you get summoned to help her kill Hodrick
What happens if I killed Hodrick before ever meeting Sirris?
Nothing I always kill him it's good practice