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To the pathetic invader that comes to invade freshly made characters with this + max estus, plus TRC rings + max items and then dares to point down after being almost killed anyway, you are trash.
718 AR
all these people REEEEEEEEEIng at twinks but no word when they are getting carried and their sl 802 buddies give them soul of a great champion and endgame gear... right?. yeah sorry for ruining your ¨fun¨ and yes we like to fight 4v1 for a challenge not 1v1 with a sl 10 host that is new and its alone lol we arent scumbags like these ******* who point down at everyone at sl 30 beacuse they have their *****ing sl***** boyfriends. we have a high hp beacuse we level vigor with deprived btw. i mostly dont use this weapon since i prefer to do other low sl builds like a regen one for example.
ok twinky boy lol
You want a challenge so you make a metafag twink character and invade low level new players? Riiight...
The new Dark Sword for cancerous players.
I beat Aldrich and pontiff and still was able to be summoned by her to fight creighton
This axe doesn’t come from the fight with her it comes from Creighton a invasion afterwards by the church of Yorksha, that’s invasion doesn’t happen with Sulyvahn dead
Excellent weapon, shame it's overused in pvp, because everyone knows how to counter it down to the invader's exact rolling i-frames. Invade with this and you'll most likely get parried back to the crying forums from whence you came. Fukken casuls
#1 choice of twink invaders for its damage raw. Like 90% of meta weapon users with min-max armor they Googled, they are garbage at the game.
Hey people! looking around to see if anyone has the mirras chain set to sell and the axe.