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This boss was difficult as a mage wearing sorcerer's robes and with SL12 HP
If you can’t get a parry off then just rotate arround him going counter-clockwise. If you’re having a lot of trouble with this boss then just take some time to study his moves and where to capitalize on him
YMMV, but Dorhys’ Gnawing can be useful here. Even though it takes about 3 casts to bleed him, it’s viable in co-op. As a phantom I find he usually just eats it if you keep distance, letting you save heals for when you need to distract him from the host, phase 2, or whenever you run out of Ashen Estus. Done with 26 Faith & Saint-Tree Bellvine +3.
Struggling as a caster without the best spells? You do not need them! Just google 'Dark Souls 3 Intelligence kills Pontiff Sulyvahn' and see it for yourself
Fume Knight gank