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I personally don't like weapons like this that you have to upgrade to +15. Naturally i played DS3 first so it seems alien to me, but the minor Damage increase per upgrade sucks to me. I wish there was damage to the base damages, as some of these weapon have terrible base DMGS
It’s a different game, get used to it. I started with bloodborne, so I was used to blood shards, a work bench for my own upgrades and no embers or coals... I’m not complaining
This isn’t DS3.. go cry on one of those pages instead. This has nothing to do with the sword.
Git Gud
ds3 is for casual skrubs have fun panic chugging estus whenever youre scared and thinking youre good when you "somehow dont die" and rolling around more than a bone wheel skeleton while your phantoms gank an invader
The Lothric "Try" Sword
I just got this sword as a first drop from Balder Knights, but it's a cleric/strength build that acquired it. :( Well, it's dex maybe it could still work...
Lightning/Fire works fine for characters with lower dex. It might serve as a good divine weapon too.
Cross-section shape of this blade is too thin to be able to cut. In fact, it's thinner than estoc's blade, which couldn't cut at all.


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Oddly enough, Ricard's Rapier does have a blade edge geometry that is able to cut just fine and yet we can't use it for cutting lol
Balder side sword is better wait
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When you realize Andre is smithing one and he doesn't sell it to you. Not cool Andre, not cool.
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he's smithing rapier
I farmed two in one hour at sen's. Just gotta equipt the gold ring and have 10 humanity.
Silver Knight straight sword is much easier to upgrade quickly.
and is much weaker :P
dur dur durrr i dont know how to get da titanite so i use cristy lizzies is rly gud but wont work on bad wepons like dis so drop them asap theyre garbage and power level resistance to get thru blighttown is so good why no 1 do it?
My Favorite weapon in the game. This sword works really well for Dex builds. My Dex/Faith build made it even stronger with buffs. The ultra fast attack speed meant this sword was a beast in PvP battles. PvE is also very good with this weapon.