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Bootleg mother brain
I did the gesture after killing it and I got it aftet waiting for few seconds.
It's so ugly that it's kind of adorable and I always feel like I'm murdering a puppy when I kill it. Why can't we keep it, mom?! I swear I'll walk it...and use it to destroy my enemies
Think what you will of me, but the make contact gesture when I do it in front of this being is like justifying its godly self with its other great one brethens, even if it can do nothing but frenzy you until its near end. Maybe thats why it gives you a rune and/or a great one's wisdom in appreciation to you still accepting it among its peers as it lies before you with nothing noteworthy to spare in comparison to its other great ones, as the 'make contact' gesture is to accept and recognize the gods of the dream before yourself as a human, virtually 'worshipping' them. Either that or its frenzy was a cry for help for you to release it from its shackles among the tower it was forced to commence to keep the nightmare of mensis alive, and then you kill it to pull it out of its forceful misery. Whatever the case, I feel bad for this parasite looking creature.
I felt like the "moon" rune it gives you is more of a warning of what's to come if you kill mergo, or maybe recognizing your hunter as a tool of the moon presence, but with the same type of vibe. It seemed like it was in distress, being literally chained up and forced to act like a turret
Holy***** that's deep
I mean, can we be 100% sure it was attacking you. Frenzy occurs because your brain isnt top tier Rick and Morty fan. It's not the Brain's fault your hunter cant understand intelligent humor.
I don’t think it inflicts frenzy on purpose. Frenzy is an ailment caused by seeing or interacting with tings too far beyond human comprehension. It is likely that the only reason it does not frenzy upon in the dark pit is that you cannot see all of it and therefore the sight is more bareable


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Has anyone else encountered the brain AFTER killing it? I had forgotten to get the Moon rune before killing the brain. I went back to use the "make contact" gesture, since I found a comment stating that you can get the rune anyway. When I got out of the elevator I ran straight, the brain was not there as expected. Then I realized that the heartbeat sound was present. I went back to the elevator and then noticed a faint silhouette to the right, approached it and discovered the brain! Has this happened to anyone else? By the way, I used the gesture in front of the second brain and it gave me the rune. I did not killed it this time.
if you kill it without getting the rune you can come back later and it will respawn so you can still get the rune