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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Still missing:

Sellsword Trousers
Leggings of Favor
Fire Witch Leggings
Antiquated Skirt
Still missing fire witch leggings
Black Leather Boots?
I want to make a Satsuki Kiryuin build, and I need a set of leggings that makes as much noise as possible, as high heels are 50% of the build.
I think the best tging would just be the regular knight leggings
... slave knight legging?
Leggings of favor and fire witch leggings are missing from this list.
leggings of favor is here and i think u mean black witch leggings?
Pretty sure it's missing the new DLC loincloth.
the loincloth is in base game, so they don't need to list it twice


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This is a different loincloth with different stats.


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Corrected/updated a bunch of things. Trend of change appears to be a buff to heavy armor (and very slight nerfs to a few light armor).
still missing Fire Witch Leggings