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Easy way ... I am using an IMPERATOR helmet on Lohse - lvl 16 bad stats ... but best of it is "Imunity to charmed" SO every turn is Adramahlikh using his Demonic possession - but nothing happens to Lohse. Best :)
tried that, he still possessed her...
Malady never appeared, thus no candles. No Jahan, at all. Jahan didn't die anywhere else and Milady is alive and well on my ship. Really not sure what happened but, the Doctor fight was a large and wild affair. 10 or so combatants made it fun.
Malady never appeared for me either and honestly I tried this battle a dozen times before I finally Pwned the Doc. The difference for me was starting by killing the nurses at the front of the mansion first, like 3-4. The back nurses and the Doc. didn't respond to this. When I went to confront the Dr., I refused his offer and he kicked me out of the house. I used the fish spell on the barrel out to the East of his house and got in the basement. I got back into his house and then unlocked the door and kept my crew back. My summoner summoned her incarnate and gave him his boosters and then he went in and attacked the doc. The doc immediately turns into the demon and battle starts in earnest. His goons appear and honestly this is where things get crazy. I ended up beating them by the use of my mage freezing the goons and repeatedly teleporting the demon out of combat. If he stays in combat, you are toast. I was able to do this enough that I eliminated the other nurses and the goons and finally tag teamed on the Demon. It took about 1.5 hours, but was worth it! So fun.
We took the doctor on head on. He owned us the first time but we got him the second time. We only focused on him and staying alive, but we lost Ifan. After he was dead everyone else was pretty easy. Fun and challenging fight.
In the definitive edition, with the new patch I guess, we aren't given a choice. Malady will refuse to talk to you without Lohse. And Lohse will always choose to snuff out the candles.
Unless, of course, you're playing with Lohse as your main.
Apparently, the demon and his nurses are immune to deathfog lol (I took a few barrels with me)
Neither Malady nor Jahan were present in my game. Even did a reload and they still didn't appear.
Jahan wasn't in the prison and Malady never showed up either. I was playing with Ifan and Sebile so maybe that makes a difference. Anyway, completed this by the barrel jump into the basement where I collected exploration xp, looted and found only one dwarf prisoner with his tongue cut out. Then when back up and entered through the front door. I completed the quest by killing the first 4 nurses in the front and right side of the house. This didn't trigger a fight with the Dr. so I mover closer teleported the nurse in his office away and this triggered the fight. I quickly killed her and tactical retreated away and just ran for the front door and the doctor didn't follow. with my teleport recharged, I was able to grab him and teleport him to the middle of the house where Sebile was able to teleport him again to the front door. we started the fight here and teleported him outside and then once or twice more in the fight. All the remaining minions followed him outside but since they didn't all make it out of the house at once I was able to get two of there magic armors down and charmed them with mind magots. From here it was easy since Sebile and Ifan just concentrated on the Demon form of the Dr and the nemisis fought mostly among themselves. Once we finished the Dr, we just picked off what was left.
If you're wanting to loot both display cases in the basement (after killing Adramahlikh), cast Blood Rain one of them, open the case, loot the items, clear the blood (Tornado is OP for this), then quicksave and reload to reset the second display case. Cast Blood Rain on the second display case, open it, and loot it. One thing I've noticed that's very important is to NOT CLOSE THE DISPLAY CASES. If you close them after looting them, the items that were inside cannot be equipped or right-clicked on, making them completely useless. The game seems to think they're in the case when you do that. Also, if you close the display cases and drop the items on the floor, you won't be able to pick them up again. In this way, you can equip all five artifacts from the chests.
Do this work in Definitive Edition? Im trying it but the other display locks forever... Does this trick works ONLY after having adramlik beaten?
Doesn't work for me


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I equipped "The Staring" helmet on Lohse, which gives immunity to terrified and charmed. I initiated battle by attacking the front desk nurse, which aggroed all the enemies in the house. While they moved towards the front desk to engage me, I prepped the floor with oil and ice to slow progression. I was able to engage them in smaller groups and used AOEs when they congregated in the middle hallway on the way to the front desk. Meanwhile, Adramahlikh spent the entire fight trying to possess Lohse, which kept failing due to her charmed immunity.
Just 1HKO the Doctor on Tactician with a Solo Ranger. My Markman's Fang attack did 11000 damage, killing him at full power instantly. I went up from the basement, pre-buffed at the door and covered the floor with blood then initiated dialog.
I found out that I could teleport the doctor pre-transformation onto the lower floor in the middle to get high ground bonus. This mean +115% damage in my case, and another +99% from Death Wish. Welp.