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if you cant see the hatch just dig where it should be
Killed the dr without help from malady, Lohse mentions saving souls but malady still tries extinguish the candles to weaken the demon....
SPOILER: It's pretty easy to beat the demon if you just have your other 2 characters attack him while he's in human form (during his conversation with Lohse). I just used Rupture Tendons + Chicken Claw; with that and opportunity attacks, he went down immediately.
Or, you know, you could play the game properly and just git gud. If your having a hard time just turn down the difficulty.
I think this game encourages players to try difference ways to beat it so I'd say this is a good sharing and thanks. Though I am still trying my like 3rd time to beat his original form which is the most challenge battle by far in my tactical run.
To the guy saying that the game encourages different tactics, no this is not what the game intended. It makes no sense for an enemy to just stand there talking while people are killing them. If you want to use this cheat that's fine. But don't try to justify it by saying it's intended.
Or just play the game how you want to play it, the game is open ended and offers a variety of ways to deal with situations.
You don't git gud, you just play one way or another, so don't force something on someone else if they don't want to do it.sdf
If your strategy is to keep it knocked down, be aware that in tactical mode its physical armor restores 8k+ when he gets up next round due to its high preservation.
I did it with Lohse dead in Deathfog and the other 3 in fight.. But...There is no real reason to choose Lohse over Ifan for Bartering and have 3 people in the fight or 4 with less exp and loot...Furthermore the quest kills other people for Lohse to have a chance...So Ifan is better choice save other people than snuffing them out and kill Adramalihk with 4 (more exp more loot)...Jahan is not in the cell if Lohse is not with you.
Sorry Lohse but you need better questline
you can attack lohse instead of saheila and the fight will end peacefully one she's weak enough
just something I came across: the demons possession wont work when wearing a helmet with "immunity to charmed/terrified. they are rare, but start appearing around lvl 15
weird, I just tried that and he possessed me anyway
This was fixed in DE; having Immunity to Charm won't help against the demon.
if you want to kill him with out snuff all candle to save thousands of life level 20 is required , you need to break one of his armor then use CC skill against him he will stop cast mind control to Lohse but after CC effect end he will restore 4k armor try to CC him again and again until he death .
for me my main char. use one knight ( one-handed + shield ) hit him with bouncing shield when he have lower armor than me just use overpower and his P.armor will gone
So I found Jahan in the Dr. Cellar... but he cowers there for eternity - is this supposed to be? And what about the small cellar-cellar, the ladder to the tainted-fish?