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I've been using whips in my mainhand for a couple dozen matches or so now, and I must say they are pretty good.

Whips are a DEX weapon with quite the range but their normal attacks have the swing time of UGS, which is an awkward amount of time for a DEX weapon to perform a normal attack. That isn't to say it's useless. It's more or less like the Dark Sword's weird strong attack. It has its moments and times that it can be used. On the other hand, their strong attacks hit farther, strike a wider area and take less time to charge. Their rolling attacks have just the right amount of range to catch someone after you roll away with <70% weight. Their running/back step attacks are so-so damage-wise but have quite the range too. And their jump attacks have quite a fast leap and wide horizontal sweep as well. The cherry on top is their WA which is good for catching people who roll close or into you.

All those things considered, whips are no good to people who take normal attacks for granted, and in a game that has designed normal attacks to be the bread and butter, it's not unreasonable to get the opinion that whips are bad weapons. So if one know how to mix timings and switch up all the attacks a whip has to offer, whip users can go toe-to-toe with halberds, great hammers and UGSs.
I wish that whips were stronger, and more viable in combat
They're made to stun, not to kill someone
Whips are great for stunning someone long enough to wind up an ultra greatsword attack/hit a pyromancy
If you use whips in pvp you are a *****
They're whips, dude. Git gud or go home
Stop being a 1 trick pony, that makes YOU the bxxxx
If you complain about whips, you're an ascended kind of idiot. I think Caillou point-and-click is more your skill level, you should try it out. Dirt.
i think i spotted the parry ***. i like whips just for the sole reason it makes bad players that throw all their eggs into a straight parry build like yourself, cry uncontrollably and masturbate in the corner.
Annoying in pvp but not very dangerous.
Low AR, slow attacks, and slightly far range at best. No hyperarmor whatsoever, and any good attacks (like rolling R1) that make this weapon kind of fun for a bit don't take long to be recognized by other players, and they stop letting themselves get hit by rolling R1s. Impact weapon art is only useful in a very specific instance that a guy is rushing at you or rolls into you to attack, but otherwise just stick to R2. It can hit through walls, but there are a surprising lack of instances this even matters in DS3. Very few walls can be seen through enough to know when to attack someone, and hiding around a corner after running away from them doesn't work because they can see what you're going to do a mile away. Overall 1v1 it can be KIND of fun, but it's really awful in most instances, including PvE imo.
if only they gave us power stanced old whips like ds2 sigh, og the good mtimes of being an immortal whip weilder.
"Whips cannot be parried" Welp, i'm comin' for you, parry kongs
My god whips are so bad. The R1s are so ridiculously slow that they can't hit anything, even in PVE. They do zero damage and have a weird weapon art. To make it worse that would be so easy to fix. Make the R1s what the R2s are but a bit faster, and then give a different attack to R2. The Witches Locks have the closest thing to a unique Weapon Art but other than that, nothing. Its a shame because there are so many cool things you can do with whips and they are all the same accept for sime numbers and properties