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i accepted her to offer to become my knight, and she completely dissapeared. does anyone know where she went? or did i do something wrong.


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You will now be able to summon her for the Twin Princes fight and such.
Does anything happen if I offer Pale Tongues after she swears loyalty to me?
Update: I tested it out and she tells you that you will be enemies next you meet and will no longer appear to help you at the Dragon Slayer Armor or Twin Princes boss fights. Note: I offered to increase Covenant Standing, not to reset my character.
so i told her to become my knight but her summon sign for the twins doesnt appear what did i do wrong
You have to return to the firelink shrine again to see she left. It's dumb, but a requirement.
Who wrote that Sirris left the blssom with the handmaiden?? She left it on the grave, as you do with flowers, and the handmaiden stole it, as she steals everything from the graves to sell to you.
why would she talk to her dead grandma then? Why would the handmaiden sell it for only 10 bugs? Why would giving the handmaiden the dreamchasers ash influence Sirris relation towards you if there is no connection between those both?
Other than dark lord, this is probably the most pain in the *** questline in the game, so many goddamn disqualifiers
are you dumb?
he is not dumb, there's a reason why there's so many method on fixing her summons as boreal valley bridge, because they break and they break for the stupidest of reasons. Also any new player going through without a walkthrough will eventually breaks one questline or another.
Praise the Moon!
Where sirris go if you fail her quest?
deez nutz
Does relocating my stats affect the quest line? It says that it will not but then "doing the above will turn her hostile"
yes, it does but then again im using an earlier patch. Although the infinite respec glitch doesnt disrupt her. (search it up)
Why does she become hostile if you enter Rosaria's covenant? What is the story between them?
She is a member of the Darkmoon Covenant. They are specifically tasked in defending people from invaders especially the fingers of Rosaria.
To think Darkmoon disciples used to be all that. True badasses. How disappointing this time around...
NOTE: you need to load firelink shrine after wolnir, otherwise it might not show up