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P R A I S E T H E S U N.
use the WA near Andre the blacksmith, then he will get stronger and will be able to create a +11 weapon
What do you mean by WA?
WA = Weapon Art :)
how many titanite slab would that need 0_0
think I went wrong with your instructions;*****is now stuck in a toaster
Best faith weapon, hands down. Straight swords are already pretty flexible weapons, so one that puts your faith investment into PHYSICAL attack, while it won't compete with the A and S scalings some weapons get with heavy or sharp infusions, is pretty useful. However, the Weapon art buff boosts ALL damage by 10% AND stacks with weapon buffs. So with 60 faith you should be getting about 365 AR with the straight sword alone (minimum dex and strength), and a Dark Moon Blade buff cast with Yorshka's Chime will add about 235 magic damage for a combined total AR of 600 AR. Toss on the weapon art buff of 10%, and you now have a 660 AR straight sword for 45 seconds. Enough time to absolutely annihilate a boss. Or put an enemy down in 3 hits in pvp.
You forgot a spell buff to top, such as Deep Protection
@the guy below me: Oh sweetie, everyone's known about the SSS's insane AR stacking forever now. You're right, it's a great weapon. Perfect for faith builds.
"oh sweetie" Are people intentionally trying to sound as patronizing as possible with that? Or is it accidental?
A thing to note, if nobody talked about this, it's that the sacred oath for some reason removes Tears of Denial (ToD) but if u use the sacred oath first and then ToD nothing strange happens, Pretty sure its a bug
Forgot to mention that I'm think it's a bug because every buff that is incompatible with other buffs, generally they remove each other, no matter which one is casted first like ToD and Deep protection, but in this case Sacred oath removes ToD but ToD don't remove sacred oath(WA).
OMG for real... i cant believe this, and yesterday i was complaining that tears of denial was broken on itself..
Grossly Incandescent
Is this still lowkey sss tier?
Without upgrading it has D D C
This is the best Straight Sword for NG.
Overrated. Gaining physical damage while scaling from faith should make it the ideal choise for a faith build, right? Wrong. Fully upgraded this blade has an AR of 386 on a build with 40 dex, 17 strength and 40 faith. A fully upgraded, sharp infused lothric knight sword has 390 on a build with 13 strength and 38 dex. in terms of point investment this blade needs heavy investment in three stats just to be on par with other straight swords. On a buff build you'd be better off going with a heavy/sharp infused weapon of a different kind.
I seriously hope you knows that this weapon is a pure faith weapon *****in *
Overrated ur ***, you even know how it works *.
I suppose it would Excell past other straight swords on a build with little investment in str/Dex.
why am i laughing so loud