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She could be one of the best bosses in the game, maybe even second to Gael, if it wasn't for the horribly wonky hitboxes she has. Bring a good shield and prepare to roll.
Beated her with sharp black blade, first try on my dex build, her armour is one of the most beautiful sets in this game
No time to get Estus with this massive boss and relater crazy charges. No time to cast. No nothing.
Really? I beat her by keeping my distance and casting dark pyromancies...
So, I was fighting the Dancer as my 2nd boss. I almost got her to 2nd phase and I got trolled hard. As I was fighting her, the Lothric Knight with a long spear went through the fog wall and ganked me. Has anyone else had this happen before on any boss fight?
Can somebody help me like right now, i'm trying to do some gimmicky***** but i'm so f*cking done with this boss. Praise the sun for those who'll help me.
Bandit’s knife! Quick step while it attacks and go to town.
All the comments i read here is whining...She is super easy dont listen to the guide here...when she does the spin just hug her butt and count...easy hits there JUST GIT GUD, i never see how people struggle so hard with any of the bosses
based and redpilled