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SPOILERS: TO STOP THE PUPPETS: Pull the levers which first letters spell P-O-W-E-R and that will destroy all the puppets. There are TWO final battles: Choose to fight everyone by refusing to sacrifice yourself, OR agree to sacrifice your source and find out that Vredeman is Braccus Rex, then fight him with Dallis and Lucian as allies.
I just kept killing the puppets and draining source. If you kill all of this in one round only one will show per turn. Just have to be able to kill and have two ap left to drain every 3rd turn. Took me 15-20 mins. But that's with a character who almost one shotted lucian.
i kept a barrel of death fog OS lucian ===> easy
Easy solution to the Puppet Room: 1. Have stealth capable char move into the room alone, and sneak forward, then jump (ability) down before the spawned puppets can see you. 2. Enter with the rest of your party. Combat will start and all the puppets will be stuck in fight time. 3 Use the stealth char to pull the levers spelling POWER (none of the needed levers are up in the fight zone) 4. Feel real smug that what took some hours took you 5 min at most. ;D