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I was very excited for this fight, this guy was so cool and i heard it was one of the hardest and coolest boss fights in the entire game... but i think i f***** up because i was a bit overleveled, around level 100. Beat him on the third try without too much effort with the beasthunter saif, and the moon presence got down just after him without dying, dodging and spamming R1, almost didn't aprecciate her attacks. I really enjoy having to memorice the entire moveset of a boss to have a chance, dying over and over again until i finally get it( especially with Ludwig, the orphan and the f****** dark beast of Loran) but this wasn't the case and now the game is over. I beat every single boss, including dungeons and i stopped leveling up at some point because i really wanted to enjoy those final battles, having like one million echoes without nothing to spend them with. I can't tell how sad i am right now. Can you recommend me a level in NG+ for these 2 to be a challenge? I hope i can enjoy them a second time.
110-130. Happy hunting
finally killed this guy. i felt pretty bad for the dude during the whole fight. i just parried him as much as possible, i guess.
I feel really sorry for this guy. I was overleveled by the time I got to him because I did DLC first and tried to kill the ***ing final boss in Ailing Loran Chalice. Defeated him in one try with LHB+10, dodging, R1 and sometimes parring. Was not a big deal honestly. Runes where HP for viscerals, Silver bulets for viscerals and +15% stamina. The moon presence was even easier, the only move that was annoying is when it lefts you with 1HP.
I saved and quit the game right outside the bossfight only to clip inside the area where you fight him. He didn't aggro or anything didn't fight back after hitting him. Does anyone know why