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This weapon has three main advantages that make it viable in pvp: First, low stamina consumption. Second, shield pierce to get around heavy builds. Three, the blade’s transparency can make it difficult to judge the weapon’s effective range in a pvp situation, and I’ve found hit hits farther than most people think.
the "shield piece" effect is just the same as if your your weapon has a elemental buff on it. it's rather bizar the game makes such a fuss out of it when every elemental enhanced weapon and even better blood and frostbite weapons go through shields. Try out a rouge buffed ccs or the drakeblood gs against shield users for example.
i almost cuted myself with this edge
Yea, screw Dark Souls 2, am I right? Bring the weapon, mess its stats, and give it a different backstory.
No one wants to acknowledge the existence of that piece of***** game