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here is shown how to get the shield
It has 100 physical absorption and 89 fire
It does not have the highest fire damage block. Black Iron infused with a fire gem has 99.6%
shields are always compared without infusion in which case it would have the highest
See I pulled a sneaky on ya
it temporarily blocks lava damage as well, but once that is used up it wont block lava dmg again until you rest at a bonfire
Minir's nightmare
Who's Minir?
Dankeater Minir
This shield, alongside it's DS1 counterpart, is a reference to the Kite Shield from Demon's Souls.

"A medium-sized metal shield, used by the soldiers of the comparatively more advanced region of Southern Boletaria.
The crest of the yellow dragon signifies the soldiers' low rank."
GreAtshield for knight playthrough