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Shut up Kitsune. >:^D I'd kill you easily with my pkcs.
My name jeff
Hey guys ive the perfect counter: Alternatively if your opponent is good, you might aswell just go cry, but luckily 90% of people using this wep suck *** anyways.
Cant link from wiki page to another one 10/10 website design, also no formatting just wow, who designed this a 5 y/o ?
Thought I'd post some actual counters: Ringed Knight Straight Sword WA, Millwood Axe WA, Lucerne WA, Onikiri and Ubadachi WA (while close or you'll be spaced). These allow you to not get spaced. Pseudo-counters (reach will help you get hits, but you can still be spaced) are Lothric Knight/Gotthards (twin)Sword(s) and spears (pkcs r1 can interrupt your r1s, so space wisely). These are the best I've found.
Really don't understand the hate for this weapon. If something gives you trouble, use it yourself. A good spear user can counter this easily. That being said, it has been my favorite since the game came out.