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Do titanite Chunks still spawn in ng+ and so on
yes upgrade materials still spawn
do fire keeper souls respawn



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Once you pick one up that's it, per game cycle. They do respawn with ng+ and beyond, every time the whole world resets.
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in NG+ if i leave the knight in the undead asylum without talking to him, and then come back later, would he still hollow?
I believe you need his key to progress. So you have to interact with him.
You have to eventually talk to Oscar anyway. If you skip him and kill the Asylum Demon, it will not drop the Big Pilgrim's Key or whatever it's called. You will then have to get it from Oscar.


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It says that all costumes except for the Great Lord set are not carried over, yet I have Smough's Set, what's up with that?
I'm guessing it's talking about their availability at Domnhall's shop, which requires the boss to be beaten (IE you can't buy Smough's set until you kill Smough again), but if you bought it BEFORE finishing the game, you will keep it.
I was not going to be happy if I had to kill Ornstein last again this time in NG+ to get the armor back.
Would you keep the armour that you buy from Domnhall of Zena
what about boss souls will they carry over to NG
Yes they will.
I'm at level 90-91 and I'm at Oreo and Smores for round 2 and I'm using a plus 5 bkh (black knight halberd) and I'm doing decent damage but I wanna know what's the best ng+ weapon
great scythe +15 works pretty well for me, buff yourself with power within and use weapon buffs (sunlight blade is my favorite) and the game becomes easy.
No such thing as "best" in Dark Souls lol, just whatever you are good with and fits your style, if you can survive and fight it is good haha
BKH+5 is a great weapon for NG because most of it's damage comes from it's own base stats instead of from stat-scaling. If you rush to get it immediately with the Master Key, it makes the first 2/3 of the first playthrough extremely easy. However it's scaling is bad and it cannot be buffed so into NG+ runs and for PVP, it begins to fall off.

Pick a weapon that you like (because of moveset, style, whatever), upgrade it, get it's respective scaling stat/s to 40 and if you really want to push damage, pick up a weapon buff or use resins and then use power within to add damage. Personally I always liked Katanas paired with faith buffs in DS1 so in NG+ I'd run a Uchigatana +15 with Darkmoon Blade and Sunlight Blade depending on PVE/PVP and boss weakness/resistances.
All black knight weapons work well for me in ng+. Other than that, some of my favourite choices are the great scythe, zweihander, claymore, great club, mace. Depending on what your build is. But those are some of the most powerfull weapons in general.
I just entered ng+ and I'm using my Man-Serpent great sword +15 and it decimates lol
Ever since I got the tracer weapons from the DLC, and Chester's set (fully upgraded, for looks. Fashion souls is important to me), I've been using fully upgraded Ricard's Rapier (mainhand) and fully upgraded Gold Tracer in the offhand, and for my 2nd weapon slots I've been using the dark silver tracer and the Buckler for parry/riposte and backstabs. I mainly use the Chloranthy Ring and the Dark Woodgrain ring for fast flips and the chloranthy ring helps for when I need stamina regen that the grass crest shield usually gives. When I fight bosses I usually go with a heavy poise set (either Havels or the Elite Knight Set if I need to roll as well) and a +15 Zweihander, it typically does well but I prefer the fast stabby dex build that I usually use.
Can players Invade/Summon other players in different NG cycles? Or is matchmaking restricted to players within the same NG cycle? (i.e. Can a player in NG+ invade a player in NG, so long as they are within their level-range and vice-versa?)
You can only summon / invade people in the same ng cycle.


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You can only summon / invade people in the same ng cycle.
In reference to the remaster, I have been summoned multiple times into NG+ worlds while only being in NG. I confirmed this by the number of souls Seath the Scaleless dropped for me on differing occasions: 30k & 60k. Although, I did not see higher than 60.

Hope this helps.
I am still in NG and have been summoned to NG+ and NG++ for boss fights, notable due to souls dropped. Summon is based on SL not NG, obviously I have high SL for my playthrough currently SL 105
I killed two fire keepers(anor londo/chaos cov) for their souls before moving to ng+. Upon returning to these places, the bonfires were fully kindled. Same with the ones near Gwenevere and Gwyndolin, fully kindled. So as far as I can tell, all kindles carry over regardless.
Are you playing the Remaster? Maybe they changed it
Nope. 360 original, bought AotA when it was released, and I have all updates.
Yes, the kindling level you had in the previous game cycle is kept in the next game cycle for all bonfires.
Do boss souls carry over to the new game plus ? Or do i need to decide what to do with them before finishing the game?
They carry over as well. If I remember correctly.
They sure do
Thanks for the answers. I started a new game plus and indeed they do.


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They do carry over, however you'll lose the ability to visit the Giant Blacksmith by warping, so you'll have to get there and it takes a while. You should transform them on your first run, my opinion anyways. Also you have easier access to all the upgrade materials.