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after about fifty greatest jagras runs I got 3 rarity 8 jewels, not bad at 3-5 minutes a pop
What ones?
My god. What does it take to get a handycraft decoration. Oh peirce shot as well. Yet I have 6 critical, 2 mushroom mancer, 3 artillery, 3 attack, 3 bow charge plus, 2 spreadshot, powershot, 1 normal shot, 2 minds eye ect.. not one hanycraft or guard anything.
You have 3 attack jewels, 3 of the RAREST DECOS IN GAME!
Imho handicraft is the rarest. I have 7 attack, 8 artillery, 6 mushroomster and got the second handicraft yesterday. I ve got the first one when i had had already 5 attack. Oh and actually i ve received my first blast deco yesterday. Guess now i have every single deco
Oh in terms of how many deco rewards from lavab!$h. What determines the outcome? I have had the entire page reward fill yet the next run not even 3 rows? Does not matter if I pick them as I go either. Anyone else ever go to a gem drop and upon picking it up, there is another and another and so . I picked up 10 from one peice more that once. Not sure if its breaking a part that then drops to top tier item like a tail carving and getting a gem. Maybe it drops as a multiple deco instead?
I have all jewels. I just need 2 more attack jewels and two more ironwall jewels, then I will have every skill level
EDIT: I have 591 hours.
Hello, I am almost HR 999 and I still do not have all the jewels. Don't even get me started on Kulve Taroth (Thousands of weapons but not the ones I want. Thousands.). Good thing my soul is now dead and PC mods work! Capcom forgive me.