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"(NOTE: If you've missed something and would like to go and claim it, you can do so by dropping onto the stairs on the right, but as soon as you drop off the roof, onto this walkway, there is no returning to Cainhurst.)."

What is this talking about? Since when can't I leave an area and come back? Is this more fake ******* people keep putting in the wiki or can someone intelligent actually explain this?
They more so meant if you go down this route you wont be able to go back to cainhurst until you reach the next latern or you die.
This place makes me think of Castlevania...I love it.
It says here that Castle Cainhurst is so far removed from Yharnam that you cannot see the blood moon, and therefore Cainhurst is not under the influence of the great ones. But if you stand still and listen inside the castle, you can just hear the baby Mergo crying, like when the blood moon arrived.
This place is very reminiscent of Dracula's Castle from both the novel and Castlevania, the arrival to it and the invitation as well as the maidens attacking you are right out of the book, while the fact that monsters attack you and some of the enemies (particularly Logarius) feel like a direct reference/inspiration to Castlevania. Someone needs to put that into the Trivia section, because overall this place only has one thing in common with the painted world, and it's the fact it's isolated and snowy. Literally everything else is a reference to Dracula and Castlevania
You forgot to mention something...if you attack the horses the carriage disapears and you can't summon it again
My favourite location :)) Just the same as Irithyl of the Boreal Valley , Frozen Eleum Loyce , Painted World of Ariamis :)
I don't have the option to kneel before the queen. She just says "We shall not give audience to such an ill mannered beast. Get thee gone" What have I done wrong?
what happens if its never summoned and you die in the area
For my skill bloodtinge I obtained the summons before entering hemwick so I could go straight for cainhurst, I reached the stone and edge walked towards it to be dramatic and cool and then I find out it doesn’t even activate until the witches are defeated... what an anticlimax