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at 33 wits and still NOTHING
You don't get to see it until you're told about it...same as the treasure chests of the four heroes...
I was able to dig where the hatch is and find it.
Even if you are told about it, it does not appear unless something is triggered. For me it was to complete the advocate killing quest.
You can't find the hatch until you are told about it!! Same as the treasure chests of the four heroes!
You have to be told about the hatch/archives to be able to detect it!
Slight problem... I killed the Advocate... before he could tell me about the vault... what do I do now??
Get the map where the knight the stolen bride and the other weirdo are hanging out
There is a map where you meet the advocate's three servants, you can pick it up and it tells you about them.
You can get the information from a elven druid spirit - it's near the destroyed house
You are able to find it with high enough wits even if the advocate doesn't tell you about it. It may have been patched since previous comments, but I was able to find it from the screenshot even after the advocate was dead.
Note: You can meet Eleanessa in Arx later.
For anyone trying to get the secret chest: 1) Use the Apportation spell, it’ll save you a lifetime of effort 2) The chest only contains a gold cup, Peace of Mind scroll, and a large wits potion (I have a loot skill of 0, so I think this is the base of what you’ll usually get, I can’t say for certain though)