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60 STR, 40 faith. Weapon art along with lightning clutch ring and some buffs = DESTRUCTION!! srsly though, this thing is just two OP. Just to OP, i LOVE IT!!!!
Amazing. You were able to use the wrong 'too' two different times.
The popularity of this weapon opens it up to the same vulnerabilities as all greataxes since the easily predictable, slow, stamina heavy and simplistic moves become easy to avoid for any players who are beyond brainless R1 trades. Still nasty for ripostes and plunges of course.
The wa of this great axe is the perfect counter for other weapon s wa like astora greatsword s or ringed paired greatsword s. That huge slam is really punishing
Even at 40 Str and just 12 Faith G.S G.A gets just under 700AR. It's a solid weapon for those with the Stamina and timing to use it in PVE. That being said, after having used it for awhile it does have a couple failings to balance it out; Extremely predictable moveset, all are overhead Smashs to the ground excluding the 2H roll which is the normal push into ground GA move. In a battle Royale or against new players this thing is effective but it's very easy to Parry and roll from. Having both used it and had G.S G.A used against me I wouldn't recommend it for PVP. I know different opinions can hurt peoples feelings but this won't be working on anyone except Turtles and new players. Lastly I do enjoy it's WA which is a delayes overhead with a small lightning AoE in front of you. Very useful for Critical follow ups that nornally knock down most enemies giving you 3 or more damaging hits if they survive. Also ensures you wont miss the easily dodgeble WA. Thanks for reading!
Probably the best plunging attack weapon in the game lol. too bad its overused, im kinda sick of seeing it everywhere. but hey if you have fun with it thats all that matters.
If I make the DS GA +5 what strength scaling will I get? Yhorm's gets A scaling.
I have 60 strength 60 dexterity and 60 faith and with the lightning clutch ring this things gets an AR of like 820
Faith past 40 Is a waste it doesn't make it any more powerful
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