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Does Estus level count? (undead bone shard i mean, i know that i can have it at 15).
It does not, the level and amount of your estus is irrelevant
all those do is increase how much your estus heals
what lvl should you be in game 4
Game 4 as in NG+3? You can get all four endings (which means you beat ng+3) at SL120 without much difficulty, I've done it with my very first character just to get all achievements. I still use that character for testing since I don't need to min/max. Past that I haven't tried, but I heard just adding as needed should be fine. Just remember past SL150 is just gank city, continuously getting worse the higher your SL is.
How many times you have to lose souls to be so low level in area like Anor Londo? 50level? lol
Why ever not? There are plenty of people who are not good at DS but still play the game, even if they struggle a lot. Many people don't explore that much, at least not during their first runs. Many people never even find Silver Covetous Ring or Shield of Want. If you know what you are doing and play "properly" you can absolutely be even 20 or more levels ahead of this table.
I don’t think you understand what this list is
If you are playing a mage build then most of your souls will be going into buying spells for half of the game
No, just no to Anonymous #1. Level 50 is rather low for Anor Londo. I was being restrictive with my leveling and wound up at 50 for Irithyll, but by the time I get through here I will be at least level 60 because it was a mistake to hold back on levels. It has not helped find summons at all.
It works exactly opposite to that: the least you die along your playthrough, the lower your level will be for any given area. The more you die and have to repeat an area, sometimes you'll lose your loaded corpse, sure, but in the big picture dying more will have you built up more souls along the way. In my first playthrough, when I died 5+ times than in my current one, I was way, way higher leveled than I am right now.
NG, SL90 (+6/+3) Where can i find my most invasions? Was hoping to get summoned as a blue, but I guess I may have outdone the area past pontiff.. oh well.. now just tryna find the next best thing.. am I forced to upgrade my weapons past (+6/+3) just a guy tryna get Darkmoon blade haha
I think you are yes, but id say level up to about 110 so you can be summoned by level 125 hosts at Pontiff. Dont expect much though, farming Darkmoon cov is best done low level
SL80 with +8 seemed decent, still quite a bit of waiting but it works better than SL60 +6 imo. A big problem is your weapon level, your SL is too high for your weapon range so you have very, very limited mm. Bump that up to +8 and you should see an improvement.
Darkmoon covenant can be done at any level dont listen to the guy below me. yes put your weapon to max it will help you get summoned, my character is SL 250 and still getting summoned to NG pontiff area with SL 100s and lower.
I'm lv32 , first play of the game, and already went to Irithyll with the doll. This level might apply only for easy-gaming. This is for "match making" but who the hell can beat champion gravetender early?
You just have to learn their movesets, I can beat him with SL1 no upgrades tho.
Would not recommend the wiki-recommended level and upgrade for Catacombs of Carthus. I'd actually recommend being lower on the range rather than say, lvl 49 with a +4 weapon. With a +10-capable weapon (i.e. not something that maxes out at +5, which count as double their normal value) at +4, I could find but ONE person to summon and he was inexperienced and got himself killed immediately. I'd aim for a lower level for that place or higher, possibly. On my other characters, I was usually at a different range and found people, though to be fair, the catacombs suck. People just don't want to coop there. It was a good range for the boss, though, fortunately. Two summons were there without effort.
I was wondering why I couldn't find anyone... I'm SL 35 in Catacombs..
it´s the weapon upgrade that matterd too.
Weapon upgrade matters too. Cathacombs sl40-45, upgrade +4 +5