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If I see anyone being a cancerous little***** bearing the same name as him, I will not be responsible for the things that I'll do to that person
Goddamn it the Demon ruins have taken Sieg and Solaire. needless to say I exterminated the bed of chaos ***** with extreme prejudice
Feels bad. Didnt know about Solaire bad ending till I met him after the Centipede.(Talked to him near bonfire) So I went back, did all the covenant stuff, opened the door and he was infected. I think the reason this may have happened is because I discovered Lost Izalith before killing Centipede. Be wary of trap.
I saw him and thought he was an enemy and attacked him from behind, first encounter and killed the poor boy...
he shall never praise the sun again
Before what boss do I need to do this? I had Solaire sad after the centipede boss. I actually did it b4 I crossed the bridge in remastered from the other side but I already progressed to the boss door, I killed the 5 bugs i think on the side of the door and killed the one bug through the door with poison mist. Once I reached the other side the Sunlight Maggot was on the ground but Solaire was hostile next to it wearing that mask. I just watched a very very old vid form DS1 where someone said there is a bug that it only works like 99% of the time. Not sure if I did something wrong about killing all bugs but I cant kill them all b4 I reach the other side. The key bug was for sure killed with poison mist but Solaire was still hostile so I had to kill him. I even tried to quit the game and reload but no luck. Man I hate DS for this stupid annoying quests.
are you asking for a recipe for lasagna?
No one wants to kill him Everyone wants his armor Everyone kills him
First Playthrough: Kill the maggot to save Solaire Second Playthrough: Kill Solaire to save the maggot
There was no place for two warriors of the sun. He died so easily, screaming like a b****.