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Can you get more than one ring of the sun princess if you trade with snuggly the crow
You probably can, but you cannot equip more than 1 of the same ring.
I was wondering about that too since it's a covenant related item. Maybe if you don't stay in the Princess Guard going into NG+ since you have to reacquire covenants?
No, but you can trade the ring for two divine blessings, though I would strongly advise against it.
There seems to be a bug in the remaster. I dropped this ring in snuggly’s nest, quit out my game, and then realoaded only to find nothing was there. Snuggly didn’t give me the 2 divine blessings and the ring was no longer in the nest. I’m not sure what went wrong, because I was able to trade everything else with snuggly without issue.
I noticed that I've seen the white ring shape on the ground even on a character that hadn't even reached Anor Londo yet, let alone join the covenant.
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