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If you choose to spare the prostitute after the fight, and choose to sleep with him again, you'll gain a Lucky Charm status for a short while.
.....I simply beat his *** in front of the whole room and...... Literally everyone ran away as I jumped him..... No one said*****, I took my 3400
i think i cheesed it i put all my belonging in a box in the room and the only think i kept on me was the idol of rebirth they killed me i revived and grabbed my stuff that was still in the box, also told him i had a night of the lifetime abnd it gave me 3k for completing
Lovrik owes money to Sanguina Tell
If you're a massive hoarder like me, have a character with a lighter load do the prostitute, took me ages to take all my stuff out of the backpack :v I would've thought all the poisoned fish I was carrying would make the muggers think twice about taking my stuff, and the lizard lass of offering her services, but apparently not