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How in the hell do you ground the dragon? Nothing I have tried seems to work??
Use the ballista
Dragon won’t die when I get it to 0 health. It also seems to regen health when it hits me with unrelenting force shout.
I am haveing the same problem did u ever beat the Dragon
I have this problem too and read somewhere if you group attack. It will die so if you need help send me a message “ShooterMcGee87” gamer tag
Same here....I think it's a bug or glitch..I took a screen shot cause I had him to 0 health at least3 times n he didn't go down...if I die n respawning hed be full health again...also wouldn't let me roll dodge outta any attacks. So basically I'm stuck on main story quest til eso fixes this bug...n I'll have to redo the pillar/zombie thing also :(


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Anyone want to group to kill this thing?
Ps4 ?
Ps4? Add benben_v1