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nice build
Starting a new playthrough with the DLC's and looking forward to giving this a shot. Nice backstory and good room for customization. Great work!
My comment was not posted ... so, once again: THANK YOU for this build! This is my fifth attempt at beating the game and for the first time, I can see myself succeeding. I picked the game up as my first DS and ran into it like the biggest idiot in the world. I tried a cleric first but hat no idea what I was doing. After that, I tried sorcerers bc I was thinking it would be easier than learning how to dodge etc (stupid lazy ***** that I was ...) It took a few failed sorcerers for me to realise that I hated to play the game that way. I was squishy, not in the least versatile and the constant casting was annoying me to no end. A few days ago, I decided to try sth new and found your build. Thanks for not only posting an endgame, but for giving hints along the way. I started out using double scimitars and now I am using a twinblade along with your recommended rings. Maybe I'll infuse it, but for now I'm going vanilla. And I am *****ing killing it! All the things! I am waaay better suited for combat, can even deal with crowds of enemies (if I'm being smart and take care of my stamina), and even the boss fights are a *****ing delight. I feel much more powerful and relaxed when I play now - this build helped me enjoy the game so much more, I can't thank you enough. I'm happy to take this all the way home and beat the game. If I manage that, the reward will be DS3. Lots of love from this gal! It's like you gifted me a new level of enjoyment and ease. Smooches from Northern Norway, love this build.